Desperately writing, bleeding words

A friend of a friend (or maybe just my friend) aspires to be an ‘it girl’ in the South African literary industry. She’s very capable and I know she can totally do it. She hasn’t yet, so I wonder…how hard is to actually write.


I’ve been writing on and profoundly off since I was 11 or 12. I don’t think I’m a writer, in fact I refuse to ever call myself that. I just need an outlet for my discomfort and turbulence. When I do go through my writing phases, it comes with no real reason. I’ve felt unfathomable pain, and it’s done nothing for me creatively. No matter how hard I try. But empath for a friend in a sulky mood can inspire me plenty.


And when I feel good about it, I peak and just keep writing. But something always changes. A happening that makes me doubt my process. I hate my own words or I feel like I don’t have enough words. Like all my words are of a different specie and putting them together is an abomination. Then I hate myself for the abomination I’ve created. Then I put it out there and hope that someone else will like it or acknowledge it, or something or anything.


Out of desperation to make MY monster matter, I release it into the world. When no one acknowledges my vile work, I feel lonely and dirty. Like I just had secret sex with a homeless man and his diseased cat. It’s a shameful feeling. It’s worse when someone likes it. The feeling of someone liking your creation that you loathe is awful. One day I will find metaphors and other grammatic devices to describe this feeling more colorfully  until then awful will do. I try to redeem myself by writing something else. But I can’t, I’m paralyzed by fear, self doubt, self-loathing, panic and and and. After all this I go through a little depression and I stop writing. It would be so much better if I could write just for me. But what’s the point of any of it if it can’t be shared. Now back to my friend. I’m not sure if she can relate to the above at all. She says she’s lazy and and and. I don’t think she is. Although I don’t know her that well, I can break her down from the little pieces she’s shown me. For those pieces look a little too familiar.



Here’s an interview with Bjork.

It’s about why she is creative. She says something about her creativity coming from chaos and discipline. In my friend I see so much discipline and minimal chaos. When there is chaos it’s so well contained and controlled. In me ZERO discipline, all chaos. This is for you Pearllula. I really wish you’d smoke a crack pipe so you can just get on with it. I say this because Alexander Pope once wrote: “True ease in writing comes from art, not chance, as those who move easiest have learned to dance.” So be easy, dance on crack! Jokes. Good luck!


Last time I try blogging deep things from my cellphone! So embarrassing!


Beauty lives in dance, Silhouette

Tonight I was lucky enough to catch something so poetic and magical on America’s Got Talent. It would be a sin to not share this with you guys.

A group of dancers, Silhouette, performs stunningly behind a backlit curtain to tell a beautiful story. If it wasn’t so hot I would’ve gotten goose bumps. I have never seen anything like it in my life. I was left in a state of awe. I’ve said too much, the video speaks for itself. Check it out.




Angelus Domini

Angelus Domini

Sheppard of my spirit, guide me to righteousness

Protector of my soul, shield me from evil

Soar on thy heavenly wings to heed my call

Weeping with me when I hurt

Thine Godly embrace comforts me from earthy chaos


Oh precious celestial being,

Sing me the chorus of my creator

Bless me with thy divine holy voice

Sound me the Holy Spirit

Fill me with beautiful melodies of virtue

Shower me with sonic waves of thy Fathers love,


Sweet Gabriel, hear my message

Sweet Michael, give me strength

Sweet Raphael, heal me



How I know I don’t know

Its like comfortably drowning,

Acid burns that warm my soul,

Chocking on fresh air,

Dangerous speeds that get me home,

A deafening silence,

Agitated stillness,

Aware of the unknown,

Unaware of the known,

Reckless about tomorrow,

Careful about now,

Its when you reach with hope, 

Its when you fall with a wish,

Its how I know, I don’t know…