Obama killed Osama, The Disney version

Who put the terror in terrorist killer?


Whose daring deeds impressed the rednecks?


Isn’t he black?

No one’s darker.

Isn’t he mean?

Our cruellest darkie

Obama, Obama,

Obama, Obama

Obama, Obama


The Obama Chronicles: Finding Osama

I woke up this morning to news that Osama Bin Laden is dead. The news were compliments of Twitter, and
you know Twitter is flawed, so my first instinct was to switch on the telly and
see what @CNN has for me.  I got my
confirmation. Obama was on the news telling his people and the world about this tremendous victory of Osama Bin Laden’s death.

So the word on the street is that justice has been served, because this one man who is responsible for the deaths of so many has been killed. The way I see it, death is an easy way out. That’s not fair, that is not just. A prisoner in Pollsmoor, serving a life sentence for his crimes, that’s justice. Every day that prisoner is confronted with his demons, in the most uncomfortable human conditions, where he’s life is constantly in
danger of rape and other atrocities.

“Osama Bin Laden was killed, justices has been served”. We put so much value on life that we forget that taking value out of it, is a bigger tragedy than taking away the actual life. @NotChrisRock once said, we want to capture and kill Osama, not rape him. That would be barbaric. Osama, should have been jailed, and the people who lost their loved at his hands should have been allowed to confront him.  I heard it in a movie or read it somewhere, “You have the right to confront the
killer of a loved one”.

I’m not trying to take  away from what is a victory for America and the world living in fear of  terrorism. It is a good thing that this man is dead, I just think it would’ve  been a better thing if he was punished.

I have so many questions though. Listening to President Obama’s speech, and he said that one  of the first things he did after taking office was to instruct the director of  the CIA (Leon Panetta) to make the capturing/killing of Osama a top priority. This
was in 2009, it’s been two years. What kind of fucked up instructions did George  Bush give the THREE directors he had in his term, since the 9/11 attacks?  Tenet, Gross and Hayden all served as directors of the CIA in bushes administration.
They all failed in capturing Osama. I even tweeted today that: “Osama got sloppy, because Obama is black. #BeeeegMistake”.

Now for a little, tiny, puny conspiracy theory.

Just few days ago,  Trump and other annoying little people, where running a birth certificate marathon, trying to prove that Obama wasn’t born in America so he can’t be president. I was extremely annoyed! The job is president of the United States
of America, not a grocery packer at Pick n Pay. I am 100% sure that someone performs a thorough background check. I don’t like how all these things happen together. I don’t believe in coincidence, and when things like his happen. I believe
in it a little less.

This covert mission to capture Osama has been in the pipes for a long time. Obama and his people knew it was going to happen, on the 1st of May 2011. Someone had to create a buzz around Obama, and his presidency, so this huge capture of Osama
is a bigger victory. And who better to create buzz than the Trump? This just reeks of publicity!!!

Final word

  • Osama has followers, he left them with instructions.
  • Obama his needed this, his popularity was slipping.
  • No one cares what George Bush has to say, he should’ve done this.
  • Comedians are celebrating this, more material.
  • Hitler commited suicide on the same day…in 1945, this doesn’t matter.
  • I really wish this happen on the day of the royal wedding, to see what really matters to people.

In My Humble Opinion