You Lazy (Intellectual) African Scum!

You Lazy (Intellectual) African Scum!.


The African Nose

So it’s no secret that us black folks are renowned for our, wide, big and flat noses.
It should be said now that I’m not speaking to the beauty of these noses, or the lack thereof. I could go on about how “society has conditioned us about this or that” when it comes to the black nose. I rather not, but I will say this, for a black (yes, for a black) my nose is fantastic.

Going back to the point of this post. I just want to tell you guys about the myths and anecdotes I’ve heard over the years as to way we apparently have the kind of noses we have as black people. In chronological order:
Piggy Back
You know how our parents use to carry us piggy back. Apparently because we were carried piggy back most of the time in our infancy, our noses were flattened by our mothers backs.
This one has to be one of the most ridiculous ones of my list. It goes that, because white people are the ones who were “meant” to swim, they have pointy noses to allow them to breathe better under water. Because blacks have no need for swimming, were not given noses that allowed for it.
This is the only one I found plausible. Evolution allows that people adapt to the conditions in the areas they’re live in. So in colder areas, air needs to warm up through the nasal before it enters your lungs. A longer nose allows more time for air to warm up. So ergo, people in warmer areas, don’t need it…because the air is warm. I heard this one from a UCT med student, so I believed it. It sounds better than the other ones. But then I thought of Mongolians and Eskimos. These people live in very cold areas, and have very flat noses. Did they miss a stage in evolution?
Survival in Africa
This is my least favourite one. It didn’t make me laugh at all. I was so convinced by the climate one that anything else would have to be from a text book. It goes that, because of Africa is dangerous and Africans are born hunters. We need our noses to be big.

Love that African nose of yours. It’s the way it is for a reason. I gave you 4 to pick from. Hahaha, but you don’t need one. Just in case you do, go with the 3rd one.

In my humble opinion.