Hate the racist not the race

I’ve been avoiding social media for a while now, but this was on telly, I had to check it out. Another fucking white person used that disgusting word “kaffir”. And as expected the twitter choirs belted their hymns condemning racism. Which is a good thing I suppose, racist people must be exposed, named and shamed! But these racial incidences have a serious snowballing effect that might cause more harm than good. Racism is rife, but must we “ALL” get excited every time it happens?

Racism has been around since different skinned man discovered different skinned man, prejudice based on skin colour was born on that day (or not because I wasn’t there). Twitter has a way of keeping it fresh and current. But here’s the thing, in my heart of hearts I believe it is getting better. In terms of tolerance I think we’ve made progress in South Africa since Nelson became President. We will, however, not see this progress if we keep getting excited every time isolated events like this happen.

I’m not trying to make light of racism. All saying is that it doesn’t mean because something is big on social media it’s big and real in real-life. Another thing that is true about people in general, it’s the need to dwell on negative things. Same way a lie is halfway around the world before the truth has got its boots on, negativity will always take a back seat to positivity. Its racism, insidious, its scandalous, its taboo, let’s condemn it! Let’s condemn it every time it happens. But to what end? Won’t we ultimately become a country walking on eggshells?

Basically I think social media is painting the worst picture on the topic of racism.

I’m having a random thought, trying to figure out what the opposite of racism is, I guess its tolerance? I don’t know. Anyways, I’d like to think more of that happened today and I salute everyone who is tolerant.

Jessica Leandra, Darren Scott, Steve Hofmeyer, Virgin Active dude, Helen Zille (if you’re nasty) and many many many others we won’t get to know about, don’t paint the full picture of who we are as an entire country trying to heal. Really fuck them! But still calm down, we’re okay.

Racist, sexist, ageist, homophobic, classist etc, as long as there’s fear and hate bigotry will always be alive. We’ll always find a way to construct discrimination.

Everyone wants to stop racism, but no one has a solution really. I don’t even have one. I can’t think of a way to stop racism. I don’t think it is stoppable. Grit your fucking teeth and pretend. Its not that hard. I smiled the whole time when I was in Durban. Jokes.

The K word makes the N word look like a lil bitch phone bill drama.

I’d also like to apologise for saying fuck so many times in this post. This is the last time I’m blogging about racism and other isms. I’m tired!


First we were, Then they came, We

First we were, Then they came, Now we wait

First we were

An existence of Adams and Eves

In our Eden, with our God

In beauty we lived, in peace we loved

It was lush, it was Paradise

Then they came

Blood was shed, men were slaughtered

Pain was invented, suffering was created

For the love of Eden we fought

Lives were lost and freedom restored

Now we wait

Allowed to dream we found hope

A gift it was, we rejoiced

But death and hunger stayed with us

We are still struggling, stagnant and bleeding

We were

They came

We wait