Neat Little Boxes

Neat little boxes


Screaming on the top of the satellites

I’d like to turn you down but your knob eludes me

I can hear your calls to cube me

I fight to reject you, but you are relentless

As you offer me options and promise me variety

Purporting to enlighten, intending to indoctrinate


Bundled with others like sardines in a tin

I find no comfort in numbers, I need to be me

Sealed in this labelled coffer is my gagged identity

A voided idiosyncrasy I’ve come to be

Same ages and earnings, same colours and creeds

Strangers in the world, birds of a feather in this box


Marked with a bull’s-eye you think you’ve got me

You claim to know me when I’m just a target

As you subject me to your profit making point of view

Stimulated and excited I fall into you spell

Like a disease society can’t dispel

We lifelessly bow at your alter in our homes


Hungry for more you invite more packers

The sellers and seducers, your agents of vanity

Where needs are wants and wants are needs

A billion images and sounds, infecting my space

A lifestyle sold, a life to live derailed

Infants and geriatrics alike, no victim too small


A consequence of your actions I refuse to be

This box you’ve cast me in, this box called TV


Raging Staccato




Seven Days of Sex: Day Four


I should start by saying that DAY FOUR might go a little off the rails. This is because I’m halfway there and I’m suffering from awesome doubt. And I now I shouldn’t complain, but I can’t wait for this to be over. But here I am, I made it to Day Four. P.S. I wanted to quit 3 days ago. I’m glad I have you guys reading this; writing for me is fun, but not every day.  So thank you.

Sex sells yeah?  I understand what this means. I totally do. I just don’t understand why it works? And does it work even? I don’t know much about advertising and sales, and how effective sexually provocative commercials are in pushing product sales.

My dream job

I want to be a model in a perfume ad! That’s my dream job. I might never need to have sex again.

The only area where I am a champion believer of “Sex Sells”, and I will go to the church of it, and bow down at the “Sex Sells” alter…is PERFUME ADVERTISING. Perfume ads guys *takes a moment*. Perfume advertising does justice to the fantasies of what we all hope we look like when we sweating balls trying to be sensual and sexual. I’m not big on magazines, but when I flip through one I’m always intrigued by one or two perfume ads. Those black and white ones. Where the girl looks like she’s a stroke away from a divine death from ecstasy. And the guy looks like he has the sexual appetite of a 1000 deprived men. They also manage to look so tasteful at the same time. I’m in love with perfume ads in print. But do they work? Do people buy products because of these ads?

Does it work?

I’ve never bought cologne in my life. I’m stuck on the fact that I can’t imagine anyone looking at a product, finding it sexy and wanting to buy it. Unless if that “something” is a prostitute. But I guess I’m using the word sexy way too strictly. I’ve actually never bought anything because of a sexually provocative ad. They must know that Obis of the world exist, and they will not fall prey to the smoke and mirrors. That’s exactly what it is. Smoke and mirrors. What they do know though is that the Obis of the this world are not immune to visual stimulus. I might not be interested in the product, but I will remember it, and here I am blogging about the subject matter. They have my attention.

People do buy into it though. Why? It’s the lifestyle, it’s something to aspire to. An ideal.

It’s a lifestyle

What advertising does really, especially with sex, is sell a lifestyle. An ad basically says this is what the product is about, not this is what the product is, and by buying it, you’ll also be about this. And who isn’t about sex?

See sex incorporates a lot of things. We’re morphing into a society that operates on perception more than reality. Sex is no exception.

Various things make us feel sex or find someone sexy. Advertising feeds off of this notion. Like is said Sex is the most important thing in the world. It’s about status, identity, power, vanity, esthetics etc. Advertising exploits this. 

I’m not happy

They use sex to sell products. But this doesn’t guarantee customer more or better sex. Okay, for hood girls, a BWM 3 series does guarantee the driver sex. This I think is an ethical issue that should be looked into. Okay, I am being hyperbolic. But I take issue with the sex sell that we will never have. The sell that makes Beyoncé etc successful beyond her alleged talent. It takes away from the good things in “art” that don’t have the “Sex sells” factor going for them.

This is especially true in the Entertainment industry. Granted some of them are talented and sexy, there however more sexy ones than talented ones. Even some of the talented ones are sexier than their talent (Halle Berry).

Movies and music videos are showing more and more skin.

We enjoy (choose) certain things, more than others because of the sexual appeal they have. I’m not happy with this. It’s no coincident that most of the talent is attractive. We watch them because we want to bone them.

You’re taking us for a ride

  • Hair products. Where they get a really sexy woman. With long flowing locks. Looking all hot. Your hair will never look like that on your best day on earth! You must know this.
  • Ice-cream. I actually don’t know why ice-cream ads are so sexed up. The music they play in the background reminds me of those Emmanuel movies from high school.
  • Only way you’ll ever look that good in underwear is if you change careers, and it becomes your job.

I think I need to take a marketing course.

Leaving Day Four here. Need to recharge. I’ll Day Five on Thursday.

This time I’m not saying what it’s about. I want to reserve the right to change my mind without putting anyone else through it.

All of the above was in my humble opinion.