The Loving Sadist

I am the agent of joy, I am harsh and exquisite

A star to light up your life,

I’m here to convince you of my halo

A hollow shell in need of true love

My promise of eternity

A sun in the darkness

Enticed by a marvellous dawn

Your love or your life?

So bright, so sore

In everlasting  sheets of pain I will enclose you in.

A grand gesture of devotion every day

Planting seeds, growing thoughts inside of you

Now I’ve lost you in a maze of rosy bushes

Trapped in my beauty, spellbound by my scorn

You’ve come to love me, as much as it kills you

I have you rotting in my filthy prison of desire

Puss seeps from your every pore, day in day out

Wrapped in chains, with locks that have no keys

Shackled in my cult of love you still worship me

Your heart still beats for me

You’re so pathetic, look at yourself

I want to put you out of your misery

For that I would have to break your heart


I can’t

I won’t

It’s far too snug, under my feet


Top Ten Break up lines

10. “I’m in love with someone else.”

9. “Wow, you thought we were dating?”

8. “It’s not you, its me.”

7. “I need space to grow.”

6. “Lets take a break.”

5. “You deserve better.”

4. “You’re a serial monogamist, and its suffocating me.”

3. “You got lazy, and I couldn’t stand for it anymore.”

2. “We don’t make love like we used to.”

And the number One Break up line.

1. “If its meant to be, we’ll find a way back to each other.”