If you want something, ask for it!

So I’m sick. Eish! I’ve been avoiding social media for only 5 days and I’m already falling apart. Smh! Its sad really. This thing called social media is going to kill so many of us.

Anyways ya, I’m very ill, its the damn flu. I know I’ll catch it every now and then, but I’ll never get used to it. Its actually such a bore.
So in my sick state, I chose it necessary to sommer kill two birds with one stone. Reflect on me slightly average/wip life and catch up on current social/media events.

As for social media…boo! Its all shit! Did 5mins of that! Oh ya, #RIP Brown Dash! I’ll always remember you. And its not only coz you died in the same year as Whitney. Its all because of your naaaice beats.

As for reflections (I hate vanity but whatever) I realised that, one of the greatest most important lesson! Like this huge! Its simple and its honestly crucial to getting any satisfaction out of your existence on this crazy (I wish I had one word to describe this planet/world) world!


Like all round, in every sphere of your life! You have to ask for stuff! From a waiter giving you shitty service, to your lover giving you D-Grade loving! From your friends treating you badly, to your God failing you! Like proper all around! Demand the best out of yourself too. Ask for more! Always ask for more!

Some people will love you for it! Some people won’t. But imagine this; being loved for wanting what it due to you.

Not sure how to end this blog post. I’m not being lazy. I just don’t know what more to say. I’m not even feeling awkward about it.

I want to blog nutz all day!


I’ve made a decision

We’re built differently, but we’re all made from the same stuff. Every time I hear a ghost story involving great tragedy and great triumph I always turn towards myself and ask myself “why can’t I”.

As a fan of Helen Keller’s life story and her many inspiring quotes, I always wonder why it is that people with great adversity can succeed, and others with little to none WON’T succeed. I found my answer…it all boils down to CHOICE.

One thing I’ve learnt about life is that the wrong choices today, make tomorrow’s decisions even harder. The deaf-blind Keller chose greatness and she achieved it. It’s a new year, all I want for you all is to have the spirit of discernment come into you lives to guide you to the life changing decisions you might need. Choose greatness, choose love, choose happiness, choose better. If you want it, choose to have it.

And by the way, it won’t be easy. In the words of Helen Keller “Character cannot e developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthen, ambition inspired, and success achieved.”

So go! Make decisions, experience whatever you may, suffer and gain your success.