Lawyers in Suits

I just finished watching the first season of the “legal” drama Suits. It’s like having ice-cream for breakfast; high GI content, a treat when you eat it, but later on you’re just starving. When I hear the words “Legal Drama” I actually expect legal drama, but Suits is different.

Essentially it’s about the corporate side of the legal practice. The story line is centred on the theme of greed and “compassion”, I think. As such the characters come off as extremely haughty and insufferably vain. The main characters are Harvey and Michael, mentor and mentee respectively. Their relationship is nothing we haven’t seen before.

Harvey is the ambitious senior partner who worked his way to the top by using his charm, wit and streetwise intelligence. Predictably this made him the assertive and smug legal virtuosos he is in the boardroom (because he doesn’t let his cases go to court, he likes settling). He’s also in it for the thrill and as such he ruffles a lot of feathers. So when it came time to choose his apprentice, he couldn’t go with the run-off-the-mill Harvard Law graduate. He needed someone as colourful as he is. Like he told his assistant Donna “I want another me”.

And that would be Michael, who’s illegally practicing law (Harvey’s idea, thrills, living on the edge and whatnot). A college dropout (he got expelled) with an eidetic memory and a shaky past. In one word, he’s is sweet. Unlike most lawyers he’s not morally grey and he’s discernible when it comes to right and wrong, even when it means going against orders. This hasn’t been implied directly or tacitly, but I figure that Harvey used to be the same when he was starting out. This and their love for well-whatever it is they love, seems to be the thread holding them together. A good thread I might add.

The supporting cast consist of other characters who give Suits even less depth than it already has. There’s Vanessa the managing partner, who encourages Harvey’s willy-nilly antics. She can be very stern when she wants to be and her ability to command authority can leave you in awe.

Then we have Louis. He’s the quirky fella with that awkward Dr Evil demeanour. He appears to be highly competent, even more so than Harvey, but his lack of swag and likeability render him helpless at his position as junior partner. Understandably, he’s a bitter Grinch.

Donna, Harvey’s loyal assistant. She’s an ice queen with a good heart.

Rachel, a paralegal and Michael’s love interest at the firm.

The other two characters are Michael’s girlfriend and best friend, Vanessa and Trevor. Not sure if they’re worth mention since they’re not “Suits”. Not much can be said for them. Maybe their characters will be developed next season?

When it comes to legal dramas David E Kelley spoilt us with so much depth, substance and richness in The Practice. The same can be said for Boston Legal as hilarious as it was and (well not really, but what the hell) Alley McBeal. Suits isn’t without its Hallmark moments, although they are far between. It’s shallow and entertaining and a different angle and take on “legal dramas”. It’s light and easy and you won’t ever need a Thesaurus to keep up with the diction and rhetoric. It young, its hip it’s fresh and edgy, with some wit and charisma. It’s for the Gossip Girl generation, I get how it could have an audience. I’m not exactly sitting on the edge of my seat, biting my nails for season two, but they do have my attention.


True Blood Season Four

True blood Season 4


True blood is undoubtedly one of the most unconventional shows of our time. I’ve been hooked since it started in 2008. Everything that happens on True Blood just leaves you in a state of awe and utter horror, while still managing to appeal to your sense of humour. You can’t help but admire the brilliance of the show’s creators and writers. From the offbeat Hill Billies of Bon Temps Louisiana to the different mystical creatures they feature in each season, True Blood finds a way to appeal to the whimsical side of all its fans. Gory scenes, sex and blood (vampire porn), decapitation, violence, struggles with addiction, religious extremism, racism, romance and so much more, it’s virtually a buffet of everything gonzo.

After watching season three, I was left wanting more. The season ended on such a good note. I had such a good feeling about season four. I just finished watching it, and I must admit it’s not exactly what I thought it would be. @AyandaMo finished the season before I did and she too expressed her disenchantment with the new season. A few other people I follow on twitter were also not impressed. This begs the question, WHAT WENT WRONG?

A TV show’s ability to entertain, throughout the seasons, lies somewhere between the balance between the development of the principle characters and the story line. Something that was also lacking from this season was an offering of eccentric supporting characters. Let’s back this up, so it doesn’t seem like I’m talking smack.

Character Development

Something seriously went wrong. It’s almost like the executive producers of the show put pressure on the writers to soften up the characters. Why? I have no idea. There was something painfully fluffy in this season.

Let’s start with sassy Lafayette. Do y’all remember how gangster Lafayette was? He was a sharp-tongued thug mother fucker. Lafayette was hardcore. He was a drug dealer for crying out loud. He kidnapped a vampire, had a porn site, he spoke out against racism and homophobia, he was just bursting with so much personality. He got kidnapped and terrorised, granted but really the damage done to him was overplayed. If anything I feel like it should’ve made him a little darker. Instead he fell in love with a Mexican nurse who is part demon. It got very gay, very fast. I’m not anti the romance, but it was a little too rosy for me. When he wasn’t in love he was scared, when he wasn’t scared he was possessed.

The second big disappointment was the sadistic and insidious Eric Northman. I should’ve seen this coming when they gave him a haircut. For a good portion of the series, they turned this red-blooded monster, who is famed for his ruthlessness and cut throat sarcasm into a cute overgrown teenager. There were times when he looked like something from Glee. Pam was thoroughly upset by this and I was right there with her. In the last episode, Pam said: “I’m over Sookie, and her precious fairy vagina. And her unbelievable stupid name. Fuck Sookie! I’ve been with Eric for over a hundred years. I’ve watched him seduce supermodels and princess and spit on their bones when he’s finished.” And really FUCK Sookie.

I liked Sookie in the earlier seasons. Her wholesomeness is endearing. I don’t mind her in the series, although I can’t stand her anymore. She’s something like Blossom from The Power Puff Girls now. Terrible things need to happen to that girl, pronto.

I like how the other characters stayed as they were. Even though Tara had that weave in the beginning, she got back to her good old ghetto Southern roots. And it worked. I also want to mention her mother, Lattie Mae. When she made her season debut she was as hilarious as ever. Shout out to the other aged mother in True Blood, Maxine. She’s a racist fundamentalist and we love her for it.

The jury is still out on Bill Compton, I’ve known what to make of him. I’ve always found him formless and vague.

They also bumped up Jason’s IQ. He was a little dumber than this. His eyes aren’t as beady and vacant. Not sure how I feel about this. As for his dwindling sex life…I’m indifferent.

In terms of the characters contribution to the story, I feel like Pam was the vamp of the season. She was raw and harsh. She represented everything I love about True Blood. The things she said were just too brilliant. “I’ll give you 24hrs to deliver that witch to me. And if you don’t, I’ll personally eat fuck and kill all three of you” brilliant!!!

The story line

The story line….mmmmh. I don’t know, this isn’t something I’ve focused on in the past. I was always too distracted by the murderous sex crimes and such. That witch was fucking awkward, her followers were like characters from a basic CW series. Look, I just didn’t find the witch and her childhood playground scars fun. That’s all I’ll say. I preferred the nonrelated events.

Supporting characters

Lunatics and eccentrics are the blood of True Blood. Season four did not give us anyone remotely exciting. They were all so dull. Here are a few of the crazies that I’ll never forget.

  • Godric (Eric’s maker), old vamp, older than Jesus. He had such a beautiful soul.
  • Russell and Talbot, the vampire couple that have been together for hundreds of years. Talbot was the overly sensitive one, he was the biggest fruit cake ever.
  • Franklin, my favourite supporting character on the show. He’s the psychotic vamp who was obsessed with Tara.

There are so many more memorable characters from previous seasons. Even Egg stands out, albeit because of his Adonis body, we still remember him. Which supporting character stood out this season?

Season 5

I feel like season 4 ended abruptly, which gives season 5 the potential to be the best True Blood offering yet! The ratings for this season actually slipped, which is a good thing because the TB team knows they’ll have to work that much harder next time. There’s enough to work on for season 5.

  • Andy Bellefleur shagged that fairy
  • Lafayette has that Mexican demon in him
  • Tara got shot
  • Pam has gone rouge

And I know True Blood is based on a series of books, if book 4 sucked, they could’ve made a plan. Its television, they always make a plan! I don’t care for The Southern Vampire Mysteries, I want more good TRUE BLOOD!!!

Mmmmh, I think this was a rant…

This love triangle must end! Its a little too Brooke, Ridge and Eric for me.

In my humbled opinion