There was a knock at the door

There was a knock at the door, we all knew who it was and no one cared to open. We sat in silence, with bare optimism and desires of a dubious miracle.

I lit a candle,

Some of us prayed,

Bargaining for time,

Lord please don’t do this”

Some of us imbibed,

All of us hoped,

But we all knew

As our souls grew cold and our faces became weary, the time had come as the door became denial.

There was a knock at the door. There was death at our door, coming once again to take another person we all loved ever so deeply.



Angelus Domini

Angelus Domini

Sheppard of my spirit, guide me to righteousness

Protector of my soul, shield me from evil

Soar on thy heavenly wings to heed my call

Weeping with me when I hurt

Thine Godly embrace comforts me from earthy chaos


Oh precious celestial being,

Sing me the chorus of my creator

Bless me with thy divine holy voice

Sound me the Holy Spirit

Fill me with beautiful melodies of virtue

Shower me with sonic waves of thy Fathers love,


Sweet Gabriel, hear my message

Sweet Michael, give me strength

Sweet Raphael, heal me