My Dog’s Gone Missing

Good days were becoming a rarity in my life. Not for any other reason but my own decisions; well sometimes you’re just swinging from deadline to deadline. Even then one can make decisions, smart decisions. I decided to be happy and it actually worked. Happiness, apparently, was a thought away.

I managed to exercise everyday this week. I ate right. I was even productive at work.

Today was particularly grand.
1. Woke up at 1am to catch up on work.
2. Smoked one cigarette in total.
3. Flirted with nice boys and gals.
4. I cheated on my diet with only two biscuits, and there were a lot of snacks going around.

I drove home beaming. Five minutes after my arrival mama gives me a ring. My first instinct was to not take her call. This was for no particular reason. Perhaps I wanted to preserve my good mood. I let go of that selfish thought and picked up her call.

“I just got back from work. I can’t find Daisy anywhere”.

Those words didn’t make sense. They still don’t make sense. She’s never left the yard alone before ever and she’s turning five this December. Why would she suddenly stray?

“Oh my God. Someone stole my Daisy.”

Mama was bordering on hysteria, as any mother would do. I tried to calm her down, it didn’t work much. She was on a mission to find Daisy. A mission I was too far away to support. It was also dark and cold. I wanted my mama to at least be home safe and warm.

“I can’t go to sleep. I’m going to find my Dog.”

At this point I walked into my bedroom and started crying and bargaining with God. She’s the sweetest thing my Daisy. Loves everything and everyone. She’ll exhaust you with her energy and sulk the whole day if you reject her. 

I’m so glad that I was completely exhausted. I wouldn’t have been able to sleep at all.

It’s been five hours since then. It wasn’t a horrible dream. Daisy is still missing. Is happiness still a thought away? Yes, it is. This truth has revealed itself to me. Right now though, Daisy is the only thing I’m thinking of.

Please come home soon Daisy!