Looting. Is it really worth it?

Looting seems so dangerous and exhausting and stupid. I wonder if it involves any planning. Do you leave your house knowing which shops are hot spots?

First you have to compete with other looters for the stuff you want. They could have experience and need it more. There you are reaching for butter and you get elbowed in the throat because it’s the last one.

Then you must run with all that stuff. I mean, how do you even know your level of fitness for running with groceries? Then a lazy, or smart, looter trips you and takes all your stuff.

Don’t forget the popo! Damn popo! If they find you it’s so over. Oh popo love beating looters. Rightly so. I actually want to beat them too. I mean fuck is wrong with you? This ain’t no crazy sale. Have you lost your mind?

And then, because it’s 2015, you get caught on camera and images of you are all over the Internet because you wanted free shit. The humiliation.

Don’t loot guys. It’s not worth it.

P.s. Please listen to Baltimore by Nina Simone. Such a beautiful song.

P.s. My manager is like “You don’t have to come in today. But I’ll really appreciate it if you do.” Like…I don’t know if I want to be appreciated.


19 Struggles Of Having An Outgoing Personality But Actually Being Introverted

Introversion Effect

Like many categorizing systems, the separatist thinking behind them attempts to firmly place us in one container or another.  The flaw in these types of systems is that they don’t always take into account the middle areas of the spectrum.  And any system is just that: a spectrum.  I’ve long stated with unequivocal certainty that I’m introverted.  My friends, however, look at me askance, because I’m actually very fun-loving and outgoing when I need to be.  So on that introvert/extravert spectrum, I fall somewhere to the introverted side, but exhibit limited extroverted tendencies.  Here is an article found on Thought Catalog by Brianna West that I have updated to reflect this: 

1. You’re not anti-social, you’re selectively social. It’s not that you don’t like going out, it’s that you are very choosy about when, where, and for how long. 

2. At any given point, you have one (maybe two)…

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18 Things We Should Have Been Taught As Teenagers

Thought Catalog

1. Hard work will not always equate to success. You can put up a good fight and still lose. There are just some things that, for whatever reason, we have to carry with us.

2. There will probably come a day when you want to study something that has (seemingly) no future benefit. Study it anyway. There will probably come a day when you want to be with someone who you know won’t last forever. Love them anyway. There will probably come a day when you want to leave something, or someone, and instead of looking for a reason, you should let that wanting be enough. Go anyway.

3. You shouldn’t ever assume to know the truth about someone. Addiction doesn’t always look like a drug-addled homeless person on the street, mental illness isn’t always apparent, pain does not always read across a person’s demeanor. Don’t judge people on the…

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From A Guy’s Perspective: 9 Things We Want Out Of A Relationship

Thought Catalog

Friday Night Lights

1. Someone Who Gets Us In The Weird Ways

Not on like a deep, sappy emotional level. That too I guess, but really just someone who understands that we hate it when people have to mention the fact that they liked the book better than the movie, or that we don’t like it when people stand up on airplanes the second the plane lands.

It’s the acknowledgement of those little things that makes it not so much as relationship as it does a really fun time with someone who’s fun to hang out with. Speaking of…

2. Someone That’s Ridiculously Fun To Hang Out With

I would say this is by far the most important thing. Great looks are nice and physical attraction obviously helps, but looks alone are exactly like having a tricked out car that breaks down after a few weeks — good for a few rides, then…

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While Wearing Their Pretty Dresses, They Ruined Lives: 12 Years A Slave & the Role of White Women in Slavery

Olivia A. Cole


I saw 12 Years A Slave this weekend. Aside from crying uncontrollably for about 80% of the film—not an exaggeration: please take a box of tissue to the theater if you see it—I was struck by many things the film did in its portrayal of the institution of slavery and the people that upheld it. For starters, I think a spectacularly effective job was done in imparting the terrifying helplessness and profound unfairness of the system: long moments of silence juxtaposed with instances of extreme violence emphasized the normalcy of brutality; the environment that black children were raised in and alongside, an environment in which their parents and elders were subject to torture, degradation, and murder. That was life, 12 Years informs us. A life in which a child can play tag alongside a man hanging from his neck by a tree…because there was nothing that could be done…

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7 Ways To Pull Yourself Out Of A Quarter-Life Crisis

Thought Catalog

1. Admit it sucks.  

Say it out loud; a Quarter-Life Crisis is a #BagOfDicks. It’s an anxious period in a 20-somethings life where you’re directionless and spiritually you don’t know your head from your butt. One moment you’re breaking necks and cashing checks, the next you can’t find the initiative to construct a cheese sandwich. Sure, a Quarter-Life Crisis is typically a #FirstWorldProblem but it’s your drama; just accept that IT BLOWS.

2. Reach out to older people.

Put up your hand to the folk in your life who are at least a decade or more your senior and let them know. Um, hello, I feel as though I know what to do next in life. I’m lost. Know what I’m saying? Chances are they’ve been there alright – numerous times (there will be a few of these crises, hate to break it to you). An older person can…

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This ‘Royals’ Cover About The Realities Of Being In Your 20s Is Incredibly Accurate (And Hysterical)

Thought Catalog

This girl covers Lorde’s Royals and changes the lyrics to talk about the bleak realities of being 10 years out of high school. We laugh because if we don’t, we’ll cry. [tc-mark]

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All I can do is love you.

I can’t help you with being loved.

Someone must have moved the door to you heart.

All I know is that when I got here, it wasn’t there.

A part of me dies every time you sabotage the little windows you so ungraciously try to open.

My love is weakened by pity

Every time I want to let go

You make it hurt just a little more to make me stay

Your pain, my strength, your chains

When heroes die

So I’ve been procrastinating to get a television, and today, it just hit me. I could’ve missed the coverage of when our dear Madiba passed on. I instantly felt awful for my slight apathy at the height of his awful illness.

Then I recalled a golden memory from my childhood.

The morning Princess Diana passed away, I threw the biggest tantrum, it was epic, got me out of church. So naturally, I chilled and watch tv. And there it was, the paparazzi dun killed The Princess of Wales And Hearts And Great Suits And Hair. I found myself calling the church to ask them to find my mother, because Diana is dead. Looking back, I don’t remember if I even cared for Diana or not, but I knew she was a giant in the world. It’s was a huge deal. The scenes on telly were incredibly emotional. People were broken.

Then I remember how we had a tape of Oliver Tambo or/and Chris Hani’s funerals. Again, it was a huge deal.

Then I remembered when Whitney and Michael died. It was all over the place. We were shattered. Whiteny’s funeral brought the word and mighty praise of our Lord Jesus to the devil that is CNN. Millions (or billions), watched and we all mourned the world’s very own song bird.

Pardon my crassness, but we will lose our shit when (I want to say if, but death is death) Tata dies. There are no words to describe the man he is. He embodies the power of the human spirit. He is a hero because that is his power. I really can’t say more. There really are no words. I’ve listened to many an interview with Mandela. He just resonates everything good.

Sometimes I just wish the story of his illness was kept private. There is just so much money to be made from his death and the vultures are just circling (Gedleyhlekisa, I am talking about you) and I suppose Mandla too? I’m not clued up on what that psycho is doing; the tomb raider headline made me tired me.

Post script
• Actually, someone call The Vatican, get a man canonised! Saint Madiba has a good ring to it.
• I wish Brenda and Mariam were here for this. Brenda, especially, was going to get her shit together and perform the shit out of a jam for Tata.
• Who are these people who are going kill the white people when Tata dies? Please don’t. If you really want them gone, put them on ships and sending them packing like they came. I kid. Leave white people alone.
• On white people. I met this political radical the other day, it was very unfortunate. He said something so scary to me: “The white man taught us his language and his ways so that we can take instructions. This was an investment he made a long time ago, it keeps growing over time, and we don’t even see it.” This scarred the shit out of me. Thoughts?
• So Mandla, The Tomb Raider…you’re embarrassing yourself! (I’m sure I’ll still feel the same once I actually read up on what exactly you were doing digging graves.)
• I’m sorry for cussing and talking about Tata at the same time.
• Happy Friday everyone

Top Ten Jobs For People Who Hate People

So I have this buddy, Zethu, who doesn’t like people. Scratch that, she hates people. I thought about it, I don’t know many of my friends who actually like people. And there seems to be a trend accross careers. Yes, I don’t know people from all professions. But hell I’m going to go for it. So here is my list of the top ten jobs for people who hate people.

10. Call centre agents
I was one for 2 months. Calling people and having them reject you no matter how polite you are. Humans seem to have more confidence on the phone than in real life. Really makes you see society for what it is. Makes you hate them.

9. Engineers
Most of them don’t even have people skills to speak of. The ones I know, I knew. That’s saying enough.

8. Teachers
“Those who can’t do, teach. Those who can’t teach, teach gym.” – Woody Allen in Annie Hall. Need I say more? They find “a calling”, but really, they couldn’t do it themselves, and because they know how not to, they can help us all get there. Whilst hating us all along the way.

7. Taxi drivers
Sigh! Somewhere in the course of history, either the passengers or the taxi drivers started this hate. Either way, the taxi drivers came up tops. Their hate is standard and constant. When you step into a taxi, your life is immediately in danger. From the strikes they cause, to inconvenience you, to the absolute disregard for traffic laws to make more money. Taxi drivers hate people.

6. Prostitutes in Arab/Islamic/terrorist harbouring countries
The poor souls are in fear of their lives all the damn time, and they have a job to do. A classic case of working under dangerous conditions. The conditions are however because people don’t eat bacon. Some might even say that they hate people so much, that they’re doing this job to spite them.

5. Politicians
They lie, they cheat, they steal. All this in the name of creating a better future for all. The best ones do it in the name of Jesus Christ Our Lord And Saviour. They get money from the rich and promise to protect them from the poor. They get votes from the poor and promise them to distribute all the wealth that the rich possess. One needs to hate people to do this, successfully, every day…as a job.

4. Hip-Hop musicians
Their lyrics are an IQ dropper. They are worse than drug dealers. Their sole intention is to dumb it down and get paid. They thrive on the insecurities of men and women. They, themselves, are projecting their insecurities through what they call music. The hate in the music is quite obvious. They call other people, who are not like them stupid whores all the time. They don’t even like each other, always shading each other. Hateful people in general.

3. Everyone who works at a hair salon
This I purely blame on the hair products. The chemicals in those products are extremely harmful to love ever seeing and appreciating love. Most of them are single and bitter because of the chemically induced paranoia. Best know, when you walk out of a hair salon, awful things will be said about you. This group we must pity. I advise them all to wear masks at work. If you don’t believe me, watch one episode of Jersey what what.

2. Cult leaders
“Loneliness is not cured by human company. Loneliness is cured by contact with reality.” Cult leaders make a career out of absolutely drawing people as far away from reality as possible. They cut you from your friends, your family, TV, booze…essentially everything you enjoy. When it’s all said and done, they trick you into killing yourself so that you can get onto the mother-ship to Sector T9. This must come from an acute hate of humans.

And the number one job for people who hate other people.

1. Doctors
Most of my people are doctors. In varsity the all complained about how rough become a doctor is. I used to tell them to shut up. I mean if you’re learning the skills that will save human lives you must get that it will come at a very heavy premium. But alas the premium has finished them. The burden of it all has torn my doctor friends apart. Most want to run away from it. In all honesty, I blame it on the patients. They have no business being sick in the first place. Most of the time it’s because of humans being irresponsible. They see this every day, and every day they think “why human?” Why don’t you just commit suicide and be done with it. Now I have to fix you and deal with the possibility of failing.

Ergo, they hate people.

I’m glad I’m in the profession I am in. Auditing! We love everyone. We are for humanity!