Weight Loss Dollar Bills

Tired from a long day…but I’mma blog anyways. My thoughts will be scattered and all over the place, my brain is tired. Also this is a serious topic, I’m in a serious mood.


My BMI was/is apparently messed up according to The BMI Police @QueenWel. So I decided to go back to being “healthy” by exercising.

Weight loss is a mission. I’m going to say that right now. I have mad respect for people who’ve shed a sizeable amount of weight.

As this was my first attempt at consciously trying to lose weight, I learnt a lot. The experience was somewhat of a rude awakening.

I jogged religiously and I kept a healthy frame in my youth. So my plan was to jog and the weight would just fall off. Getting back into jogging wasn’t too hard. At my peek I was jogging 9kms every second day and 4km sprints in between. It took long to start seeing results, ultimately some did show. I wasn’t happy though, considering how much I was running. Over say two months, I lost 3kgs (a solid three kgs). Problem was, exercising justified eating like a pig.

I spoke to a friend, who’s friend lost 7kg over lent from only quitting meat (chicken too, for black folk who don’t recognise chicken as meat) and alcohol. Nearly died when I heard this. I’ve been running like a nutter and here’s this other person losing so much so quickly from cutting meat and alcohol. I obviously wanted some of this. So I gave it a shot.

I wanted a diet that worked for me. So I looked at all the things I can do without. I picked cutting down on carbs (I get awful headaches when I don’t get carbs in me), dairy, alcohol and less meat (not trying to quit eating meat ever). This diet was such a revelation. After just over a week from running and eating less…I could see my body looking a little better. Got a little lazy, ran less and the weight was still falling off. Three weeks later. I was sold! This was how I was going to get my BMI right. Don’t even want to say how much weight I lost, don’t want to brag.

Side-bar. This is how a humble brag can go wrong, if you can even call it that. My friend, who I shall not be name, (you know who you are) once “innocently” tweeted: ‘I lost 10kgs in under 7 months. This is so worrying, I’ve lost my appetite’. A month later on facebook, friend said: ‘Playing sports. Great stuff. No weight gain this winter’. Smh!

Anyways, I caught a terrible cold and once I got better, I wanted to ENJOY life. My bad habits got the better of me and I fell of the weight loss gravy train (is this irony, pun vibes…I can’t tell). Went back to drinking and eating starch packed dinners with meat on meat. Then going to sleep 30mins later. The weight came back like it was just waiting to pounce on me. I was crushed. My “get’em” jeans were jaaaast about to fit perfectly. Sigh

So here I am. I want to get back on track. Wanted to treat myself to a snack before I go mixing with The Sand Man. Choice of snack? Potato chips. Calories, 550. Recommended daily intake for men my age 2500. I’m now deciding if I should eat them. To help me decide I went to google (I know don’t know when I became this person). I found this:
“In weight loss studies carried out by health scientists, women that ate 1000 calories less than their daily requirement lost around 2 pounds (0.907 kilos) per week. This is considered a healthy and sustainable level of weight loss. The same rule applies to men.”

You know…at the beginning of this post I wasn’t going to eat these chips. But now I think I should…only because I feel whack-like-crack for counting calories. So I’m going to pull the ol’ diet cliché…I’ll start tomorrow. Let me just treat myself.

I’m also going to eat chocolate. #Tomorrow #iSwear


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I'm random and unwise. I'm always seeking wisdom in its simplest form. I'm scared of not being scared, so I find ways to terrify myself. I care about everything, and I'm interested in all things. I reserve the right to change my mind, anytime. So in most cases I find it best to humble my opinion

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