My new friend Feist

I haven’t blogged about music in a very long time. Very unbecoming of me. I’m a huge music lover. I love it all! Been meaning to do this for a while now, since last year. Complements of my buddy from another buddy @PearlBosh, I discovered Feist.

I’m a sucker for subterranean music. I think it stems from being an only child. I can only listen to artists that won’t be on Vuzu’s VEntertainment or E! News etc… I like my musicians eclectic and distinct. I need to listen to music that speaks to the person’s experiences and thoughts, for kindred spirits to relate . This is why I have I massive R.E.S.P.E.C.T for artists who write a lot of their lyrics. Living it, feeling it and then singing it, is generous and I appreciate it. Sharing is caring.

I remember discovering Regina Spektor (all by myself), it was a revelation. If you’ve heard any of her tunes you’d know for sure, she’d doing it for her and sharing. Something about her music screams “I needed to get this out of me. In case you’re going through the same thing…here it is…relate if you will”. Much like Feist.

Feist! A Canadian born musician. If you want more details google her. I’m going to speak to her songs that speak to my person. So I have three albums, Let It Die, Metal and The Reminder.

Let It Die
Favourite song this album is hands down the title track. Let It Die. In terms of love for me its always there but it never blossoms. Lyric from the song: “The saddest part of a broken heart isn’t the ending so much as the start”. This is so true (for me at least). Like that mango in the fruit basket that just won’t ripen. Its the anticipation of what’s to come, that is the tragedy. Its lessons you learn whilst waiting for that fruit to ripen. It just goes bad, before reaching any potential. Then you still have hope…but in reality…you just got to let it die.

Let It Die is actually my favourite Feist album. I could actually go on about the other songs. I’ll probably quote her in future blog posts. But if you’re keen check out, “Inside And Out”, “One Evening” and “Secret Heart”.

I don’t like this album as much as I like the one above, I’m one of those people who sees in black and white…I always have favourites, this is why I shouldn’t have kids. Check out “Graveyard” and “How Come You Never Go There”.

The Reminder
My second favourite Feist album. Yes, I left the penultimate favourite last. Because of this here track “Brandy Alexander”. I love this song “He’s my Brandy Alexander, always gets me into trouble”. That lover you seem to love, like taking down a shot of Brandy, but you always get drunk and end up doing nuts. The lyrics also follow “he goes down easy”. This just speaks to addiction to something light and maybe even fun. A weakness worth keeping I suppose.

Also check out “I’m Sorry” for those moments you feel pathetic for apologising.

Love me some Feist. You should check her out for real. Some of it is a lil too folky and emotionally excessive, but hey…maybe you’re feeling stuff and it’ll strike a cord.

“I feel it all, I feel it all.” I feel it all by Feist:)

For everyone out there living in an emotional circus. You should check out Feist.


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