Top Ten Signs that you’re a bad mother!

10. Picking your child from school looking like a homeless Whoopi Goldberg.
9. Not buying you child’s love with money and gifts.
8. Conceiving a child between the 16th and 31st of December. (September babies).
7. Telling your child that he/she is the most beautiful person in the world.
6. Disrespecting your child’s father right in front of him/her. Even when the father deserves.
5. Not breast feeding for at least for 2 years.
4. Buying your child a Young Money Cash Billionaire what what, album!
3. Feeding your child McDonald’s more than twice a month.
2. Teaching your child how to pour drinks for your enjoyment.

And the number one sign that you’re a terrible mother.

1. Not beating your child when he/she is acting da fool!


About obialone
I'm random and unwise. I'm always seeking wisdom in its simplest form. I'm scared of not being scared, so I find ways to terrify myself. I care about everything, and I'm interested in all things. I reserve the right to change my mind, anytime. So in most cases I find it best to humble my opinion

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