I’m layered and so is love

I’m layered and so is love


When we were young,

You liked the icing and played with the cherry

I was devoured and you had your fun

It was unhealthy and it was brief

For you did not know, I’m layered and so is love


There was more to you too

An undiscovered abundance I was glad to admire

I knew this from the beauty in your eyes

But I too wanted icing and cherry,

I was silly, and so were you


Now here we are,

Matured and experienced

Coated in regret,

Knowing of ignored potential

Content and helpless, I can feel your lament


Love’s losers we are

Still layered

Still love-lost

Always wanting

Never seeking




About obialone
I'm random and unwise. I'm always seeking wisdom in its simplest form. I'm scared of not being scared, so I find ways to terrify myself. I care about everything, and I'm interested in all things. I reserve the right to change my mind, anytime. So in most cases I find it best to humble my opinion

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