Come Dine With Me South Africa

I recently watched Come Dine With Me: South Africa for the first time and I must say I haven’t laughed like that in a long time.

My friend Senti insist that I need to start watching, and although I tend to enjoy similar things, I felt like its another trifling Reality TV Show. I must however credit “Come Dine With Me” as one of the best on TV.

For those of you haven’t watched, basically they get four contestants to host a dinner at their respective homes. Each contestant gets to serve three courses; a starter, the main course and dessert. Between the course we get to hear privately shot commentary from what the contestants. At the end of the dinner the other three get to rate the host on a scale of one to ten. The person with the highest score gets to win a cash price.

What I find interesting is the mix of characters the producers put together. Since it was my first time watching I can’t say if the characters are always as zesty. It does however seem like the producers found a winning formula to get the right combination of contestants vying for the cash price and zest swiftly finds its way to them.

It is amazing how much personality food brings out of people. A person will love you (your food) in the moment, but its all a façade to appear cordial. The fact that its a competition further exposes people for exactly who they are, competitive and very self-assertive. Coupled with the relentlessly sarcastic Dave Lamb (the narrator), you have witty, unscripted entertainment that feels real.

What I love most is that these are your average Joe’s who just love food and can cook. They’re not trying to open a restaurant or be the next Jamie Oliver. Plus this is South Africa, for a small country we’re very diverse. It is just such a pleasure seeing all these elements coming together.

I’ve  set a reminder on my decoder and on my cellphone for the next episode. Please do check it out you will not be disappointed. The next episode will be on channel 120 at 21H00 on Wednesday.


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