The eagles and The hornets

The eagles and The hornets

I was shy when he tried to kiss me

Then he showed me his beautiful smile

My eyes met his, the sky opened up

I opened my mouth and he blew new life into me

I protested with glee when he groped my bosom

Then he took my hand and placed it on his chest,

I felt his rhythm and my soul was at ease

I opened myself and he held all of me

I giggled with hesitation when his hands ran down my thighs

Then he whispered sweet nothings in my ear

My body went all tingly, my knees went weak

I opened my legs and he fiddled with my love nest

My mind was racing

The stars were falling

With my eyes wide shut, my heart said stop

With my body tensed up, my mind said no

As my mouth opened to speak,

It was too late, he was inside of me

With shame and humiliation I got up,

Weeping inside I smiled and said my name

He said his but I soon forgot

But I’ll always remember

My first time

Raging Staccato


About obialone
I'm random and unwise. I'm always seeking wisdom in its simplest form. I'm scared of not being scared, so I find ways to terrify myself. I care about everything, and I'm interested in all things. I reserve the right to change my mind, anytime. So in most cases I find it best to humble my opinion

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