The South African Taxi Driver, mara why?

I’m feeling a little ambitious today, and I’m trying to blog away the pain of my comatose black berry. This topic I’mma try to blog about is bigger than me. I don’t even know how I am going to tackle it. I’mma just go with it, and see where it takes me.

I actually don’t hate taxi drivers, or maybe I do. Sitting here trying to think about it, I don’t feel much towards them, I’m indifferent really. It happens when a taxi driver tries to cut in right in front of me, with very little, to no warning. I say try because, it hardly ever happen, no taxi driver cuts in from of me if I can help it. I’m that driver!!!
I don’t understand any of it. I am literally stumped/shocked/perplexed by taxi driver behaviour. I literally stop and think…”SERIOUSLY (like how they do in Greys), IS THIS NIGHA FOR REAL”. It’s such behaviour that has led me to the conclusion that taxi drivers are very bold, in the most arrogant way. I know it seems that there’s a plant in some remote corner of KZN mass producing these people, but there isn’t. I want to explore reasons why they are like this.

I’m going to just make a list why I think taxi drivers are the way they are:

  • You, the annoying passengers, with your month end groceries.
  • Passengers who don’t pay.
  • Your 100 rands in the morning.
  • Your perm on their windows.
  • Telling the taxi driver that you’re getting off at the third tree after the stop nonsense (black for wall/gate, stops nonsense i.e. criminal activity).
  • Travelling with your 3 kids, and trying to get the younger ones not to pay.
  • The lack of excitement in what they do. Being a taxi driver is not the most stimulating thing in the world. Unlike barman Larry, taxi drivers don’t give a shit about your life. I can imagine there must some kind of adrenaline rush from driving on the yellow lane, and just cutting in at will.
  • The truth is taxi drivers are in a trade and to carry on a trade in transporting people you have to be a good driver. To be good at anything takes a lot of practise, and hey…they practise every day.
    • When you do something for a while you lose your humility. Your humbleness slips away, and just like that, you are a taxi driver.
    • Think of Dr Gregory House (yes I went there). He’s not very different from a taxi driver is he? No respect for his patients, he only needs to cure them, no matter the cost. Taxi drivers only need to get you to that third tree after the stop nonsense. No matter the cost.
  • Taxi drivers have also experienced their fair share of bad drivers, this further making them turn into what they are.
  • They have too much power, because too many South Africans rely on them to get around. Power corrupts the unwise.
    • When the taxi drivers are on strike, it’s always the biggest thing in the news.
    • They can get so violent as well. Such tyrants, with inferiority complexes. They feel like the government etc doesn’t respect them because they are taxi drivers, and everyone thinks they are stupid.

I might be reaching with this, but like I said, this topic is bigger than me and I have to go places to get a decent picture. Even after all this, my picture is looking like a drunken scribbling of an orgy by Charlie Sheen. Not winning.

So I’ve played devil’s advocate. I still feel my reasons aren’t sufficient. It’s just not enough. Taxi drivers are rude. I remember this one morning on my way to work, my window was rolled down, and I was having a smoke in Pretoria traffic. This lady crosses the street just as the robot turned green for the adjacent traffic. The taxi driver next to me shouted out his window (in Setswana): “Pretty lady, I’ll run you over and you’ll be an ugly lady.”
@Miss__TC also has a similar anecdote where a taxi driver when: “This isn’t a toilet, you must cross the street properly.”

I was listening to @702JohnRobbie the other day. This woman called in and told a story about how a taxi driver helped save her from a high jacking. Not all taxi drivers are bad. Just like not all lions will try to kill you. But would you risk it?

Last word…when you “google images taxi drivers South Africa” you get pictures of Shrien Dewani. Some of them are also hitmen, lol.


About obialone
I'm random and unwise. I'm always seeking wisdom in its simplest form. I'm scared of not being scared, so I find ways to terrify myself. I care about everything, and I'm interested in all things. I reserve the right to change my mind, anytime. So in most cases I find it best to humble my opinion

10 Responses to The South African Taxi Driver, mara why?

  1. KT says:

    Lol. Very good blog. But what happened to the tag line? “in my opinion”. It makes the blog, bring it back by popular demand!!

  2. Ayanda says:

    I’m so jealous of your writing right now

  3. Chantelle says:

    I think this touches on a very important issue: taxi drivers are morphing into a seperate species, one that cannot be understood by man. Do you know that one tried to head-butt me! Apparently in the taxi driver community it is an act that is endearing. Anthropologists need to take this matter up.

    • obialone says:

      Yoh!!!! What the hell? These are Alberton things my friend. I have never heard such! A head butt? Really? Did you protest? LOL!!! Yes, they are an anthropological phenomenon.

  4. AyBeeOh says:

    Loved it as usual, Obi. I’ve got a couple more we could add to that list: 1) They’re venting about the number of times their unwarranted advances get turned down by female passengers 2) They’re in a race to reach target number of loads before school’s out so they can give their schoolgirl girlfriends rides home.

  5. Lesala Mampa says:

    love this! you are soooo good at this hehe, killed me!

  6. Sizwe says:

    Lol u expirience alot thanx 4 the advice

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