“The world cannot live on popstars alone, we need artists” Randy Jackson

When @LTqha tweeted this on twitter, I was jumping up and down testifying like a saved Christian Madea type! But then I got thinking. Who gets to decide who’s an artist? Who made Randy Jackson the mayor of Art Town?

What Randy says makes a lot of sense. We know exactly what he’s talking about. Simply put, its Adele vs Rihanna. Adele being the artist and Rihanna the popstar. I’m going to get back to this artist vs popstar comparison later. I have to bring up another point for what I’m saying (trying to say) to make sense.

The other day, again on twitter, @TrentGrapeJuice tweeted that “Britney Spears and Rihanna have no talent. #ThatsAll”. I was again, sweating like a demon testifying.

Back to popstar vs artist and Britney and Rihanna not being talented.

I’m calling it all bullshit! It makes sense. But its bullshit!!! I like to think its true. But I’d be bullshitting.

An artist, one who produces a work of art. Art is simply the most subjective thing in the world, a lot like love. Art is perception, whats deemed to be appealing, art is whatever “we the group” decide it is.
Talent, is the capacity for achievement or success.

We are sometimes so arrogant in what we like and what we don’t like, that we constantly forget that its not gospel. Different folks, different strokes. We need to stop seeing the world in terms of what we like and what we don’t like. Its very narrow minded.

It pains me to say this, but Britney, Rihanna and the rest of the “microwave music oompa-loompas”, are artists. What they do, for some reason which is not mine to understand, is art for some people out there.

I hate most pop music, and most of the shit on MTV these days. But no one has the right to call other people’s children untalented and “non-artists”.

Anecodote. I while back I watched a clip of “Comic relief” with AliG. He had Posh and David as his guests. Ali asked if the kids wanted to grow up and to be athletes like their father or musicians like Mariah Carey. Posh laughed and said: “I’d like to grow up and be a musician like Mariah Carey.”


In my humble opinion.


About obialone
I'm random and unwise. I'm always seeking wisdom in its simplest form. I'm scared of not being scared, so I find ways to terrify myself. I care about everything, and I'm interested in all things. I reserve the right to change my mind, anytime. So in most cases I find it best to humble my opinion

8 Responses to “The world cannot live on popstars alone, we need artists” Randy Jackson

  1. Kgahlego says:

    True, friend-if u dnt like it doesn’t mean it sucks, but if u do doesn’t mean it’s art. Society lives by predetermined standards of what is art, music, talent, not only to keep those below the standards out, also to keep those within the standards in. Let’s face it, we’d all love to be famous for something, and without these standards then we all would be and success wouldn’t be worth striving for. Back to the artists popstars debate, yes it is true that while ppl might think brit & rihanna suck, it doesn’t mean that they dnt have talent-they obviously are talented at something otherwise they wouldn’t be there, but just bcoz ppl out thr like what they do, doesn’t make them artists. An artist is more than just a popstar. Artists do not primarily seek fame-popstars do. Artists are celebrated for their ability to write lyrics that transcend simple human understanding of complicated themes and simply them so we humans can identify-popstars write simple lyrics on simple topics mostly for ppl to easily remember them. I think the diff btwn the artist and the popstar is that for the popstar the image is the art. Look and beyonce, riri, brit-these women affect whole societies when they chmahe the colour of their hair. But, for the artist, the music is the art. Every bar, every word, every slight in tone is put together to convey an emotion that is felt by most, but somehow they have the talent to most perfectly express. Their image comes second to this, and you jill scotts, adeles and maxwells fall into this group. So I guess that’s what it boils down to. Neither is bad and neither is the right one-they are both needed to even out the music territory. The artists are there to explain you to you. They are poets and what they do is great, but u can’t listen to it all the time. The popstars are there to entertain you. To get u off ur ass, screaming lyrics and having fun for no reason. But their lyrics are one dimensional, and although it’s fun, you can’t listen to that all the time either. The music industry needs both, and I think all that Randy was tryna point out is that we have a shortage of the one, that’s all. Ps: hugs and kisses and well done on living your dream!

    • obialone says:

      Whoooooo friend, I soooo wish you used paragraphs!!!

      Nothing in society is predetermined friend. We’re always changing out minds. We’re fickle like that. In music you can see it with an artist like Madonna, who’s been been been going strong. She knows we change our minds, so she changes to appeal continuously. That covers most of it.

      And ART. Pitsi art is so subjective my friend. And you right an artist is more than just a popstar. But did you ever think that them getting all the fame that they get isn’t the goal, but a consequence or a result of their artistry?

      If we were talking about music and music alone, then we’d again be heading into a very subjective area. “Artists are celebrated for their ability to write lyrics that transcend simple human understanding of complicated themes and simply them so we humans can identify-popstars write simple lyrics on simple topics mostly for ppl to easily remember them”, (you are molding a definition on you likes and dislikes). I honestly don’t see what the problem is here, this is very subjective. Its okay not to be deep. Think of Pablo Picasso and a graffiti artist. Why is the graffiti artist any less of an artist? Know what I mean?

      And yes! For the popstar the Art is the image, I agree, and the image is also in the music (those lyrics that aren’t deep, but are very “whatever it is they are”).

      Look, good for Adele, Jill Scoot and Maxwell. I love them, listen to their music all the time. Friend why did you have to bring up the issue of image? That’s a whole new blog! But you’d be a fool for thinking Adele, Jill and Maxwell don’t have an image they’re selling too.

      Friend there is no shortage! We just don’t know where to find these people! But they are there, ppl who are just about the music! Wont even see them at the Grammies etc. Citizen Cope, Asa, Stateless, Regina Spektor, and my favourite, the ones who are dead!!!!

      Thanks so much for reading my blog friend, but ya next time do paragraphs, it was so hard reading through your comment!

  2. Ngwanamosadi says:

    Good post mate. Food for thought.

  3. Ayanda says:

    Oh dear. Didn’t you this to me last year? That I’m narrowminded in putting things in categories of “likes” and “dislikes.” But you contradict yourself in saying you “hate” pop music…

    Please tell me what I’m supposed to feel then(?)

    Liking and disliking is as subjective as the art that you mentioned.

    I agree with NOTHING here except that Britney and Rihanna are talentless popstars.

    • obialone says:

      Hahahaha!!!! Wow! You misunderstood!!! And you misunderstand! There’s more to what we like and what we don’t like. There’s also what other ppl like and what they don’t like as well. And it matters.

      I hate it, yes, but it doesn’t mean it sucks. How am I contradicting myself?

      Its fine! You don’t have to agree. You never do! Keeps me on my damn toes!!!

  4. Linde says:

    You know the difference is, that you’re most likely to purchase an Adele cd and 10 years down the line still listen to it, where as you’ll love that single by Britney/Rihanna etc.. Just not for keeps. They’re all talented in their special ways whether it’s vocals/performance/lyrics just not all for the cd case.

    • obialone says:

      You see! Linde has focus! I totally get what you mean. Ya but you know there are those stans who will be jamming to Umbrella well into their 30’s. Stans friend, they buy for KEEPS!!!

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